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•  Datacenter Design Services

You know what you need to put in that room as far as computers and servers, that’s your job. Making sure that the room stays powered, cool, secure and looks good is ours. We are current with all the latest trends and products offered by multiple manufacturers. Giving you the best diversity in options available. Cooling and power distribution is no longer just cold air and a plug. Today’s datacenter is a heat and power hungry animal, choices in small simple things can save thousands of dollars in operating costs per year.

•  Datacenter Air Conditioning

Knowing what is the right cooling method for your site is not your job, its ours. There are benefits and drawbacks to every type of cooling. Air cooled, water cooled, chilled water, upflow, in row, downflow. How you distribute these and their airflow is also paramount in proper design.

•  Power Distribution

Distribution of power in the datacenter at the rack level, in row, and perimeter. All levels and varieties of distribution to allow for smooth continued growth.

•  Uninteruptable Power Supply

UPS systems are the heart of your data center next to cooling. We provide various size UPS systems from 5 KVA to 5000 KVA parallel redundant systems. Providing you the best most reliable system regardless of brand for your dollar.

•  Power Conditioning

Some applications require specialized power conditioning over a UPS system. We do stock these units in house.

•  Power Monitoring & Reports

We carry two major brands of these devices both APC and Liebert. Monitoring power consumption at the component level, cooling at the rack level or other various devices for security and related. We have new, New surplus and used equipment to fill all your needs.

•  Standby Generators

Backup power generators for a datacenter are a necessity  for continued operation. We stock many low hour units that have ran in the same application you will use yours. May under 200 to 300 hours of use.

•  Centralized Monitoring & Control

•  24-Hour Emergency Service

We stock over 100 computer room air-conditioning units at all times. We stock a various number of large and small UPS systems. Most all of these units can be shipped within 24hrs  or less if the need dictates an immediate response.

•  Cabling Management

•  Server Racks & Enclosures

We stock APC server racks and all related rack components. Rack cable management both above rack, in rack and below floor. We occasionally have other brands of enclosed racks available.

•  Raised Flooring

Raised floor is one of the most misunderstood, complicated, but yet the most low tech items in a computer room. With 30+ years of raised flooring out there finding the right replacement panels can be a full day’s work. We also stock a variety of grommets and cool lock brushes for your cable cut outs.



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