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Welcome to Diversified - Computerroom Equipment



Diversified Computerroom Equipment (DCE) is a company forged from the needs of a vast existing customer base. Diversified Datacenter Services is an Electrical & Mechanical contractor in the State of Arizona, this main business has been building and servicing the Datacenter industry since the very early 1980s (Liebert authorized service certification in 1982). During our many years of operation it was found that a need for equipment on an “instant” or “right now” basis was common place.

Customers also would have sticker shock or budgets that could not accommodate a “factory new” unit, but they still needed equipment. Thus Diversified Computerroom Equipment is born. We buy new surplus, and used computer room support equipment in large quantities on a weekly basis. This allows us to offer an inventory to customers that rivals most all others in this industry.

Computer room air conditioners (CRAC units) , Raised access floor, UPS systems (Uninterruptible Power Supplies), PDUs (Power Distribution Units), Generators, Fire suppression, Racks, blue sealtight power whips, and all the other support type items that keep a data center running 24x7x365. Diversified Computerroom Equipment has its base as a contracting and service company that designs data centers and computer rooms. You are not getting a sales staff that 3 weeks ago thought a UPS was a big brown truck. We have built tens of thousands of square feet of data center in 30 years.

We know how this equipment goes together, we know what works, what does not. We know how to change you “Room with computers in it” to a real computer room. Small 200 square foot rooms to 100,000 square feet. We can help. The main company is an APC / Schnider Gold partner. Thus we can give you new pricing for APC gear at a discounted rate not available from other vendors. We also stock a large quantity of new surplus APC Infrastruxture components. Cabinets, UPSs, PDUs, in rack PDUs, etc..



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